My Asymmetrical Eyes (Part I)

Disclaimer: All 3 surgeries were done locally (Singapore) and by the same surgeon. Name of clinic and surgeon will not be disclosed. However, if you are interested or have any question, you may drop me an email or  private message on Facebook / Twitter.

Surgeries & the procedures done
1. January 2012 – Upper Blepharoplasty
2. August 2012 – Upper Blepharoplasty revision + Epicanthoplasty + Ptosis
3. April 2016 – Upper Blepharoplasty revision + Epicanthoplasty revision for my right eye

This post is about the 3 surgeries which I have been through. I tried to import first and second experiences to this blog, but strangely it doesn’t work. I’m a bit embarrassed by my used of words back in 2011 to 2012, so I’m not going to ‘un-private’ my old blog, but instead I’m gonna briefly cover what I have went through back then to now.

I was born with single eyelids. Back when I was in secondary school, I have no problem with it. I mean, who really truly cares about facial features in secondary school right? And many of my friends have it, so yeah I didn’t give a fuck.

single eyelid1
Taken in 2008. 

Until.. I started working in beauty industry and experimenting with different kind of makeups. Of course I was a noob in makeups (still am now lol), my first infamous cat-eyes was a major failure. Remember when I first joined beauty industry, seniors were mocking at my makeup skill. I know eyeliner is a must for work everyday, but every time I drew a line, that liner completely disappeared. I had no choice but to resort to drawing them thick. I basically went hardcore lol.

Taken in 2011. 

Taken in 2011. 

Drawing eyeliner is a dread everyday, and I looked like a completely different person without my thick liner. I tried using double eyelid tape/adhesive or whatever you name it but all did not work well with my eyes.

Blepharoplasty (or rather double eyelid surgery) was a big deal then. It wasn’t as common as it is now. It took a while for me to convince my parents and I really wanted to get it done before school starts. And so I did.


First Surgery – Upper Blepharoplasty (January 2012)

Experience: I would say the first surgery was rather unpleasant. I could feel the surgeon cutting and sewing my eyes, I was crying so badly on the surgery bed because of the excruciating pain. The crease was very natural. I wanted something higher but the doctor convinced me that it won’t look natural. I should really just not bother to what he was suggesting, but I took his advice anyway. So I am putting it out here for people who are having the thought of undergoing this procedure – know what you want, if you feel uncomfortable to what the doctor is suggesting, do not give in, be firm.

Healing: It healed pretty fast. No bruises, swelling subsided fast. I went to work after 7 days and nobody questioned me about it because the crease was so bloody natural.

Taken in 2012. After 1st surgery, without makeup. My skin looked horrible lol.

Taken in 2012. After 1st surgery, with makeup.

Taken in June/July 2012. After 1st, with makeup.

An advise to everyone – do not rub your damn eyes (be in yours are already natural or whatsoever). Our skin will lose its elasticity and sag, and rubbing is just gonna encourage sagging faster. Little did I know that rubbing isn’t good, so by the end of my first semester in school, my crease on my right eye was almost gone. Anyway my mom was quite supportive of me doing the second revision, so phew, if not I’m gonna have to live with it for the rest of my life.


Second Surgery – Upper Blepharoplasty Revision + Epicanthoplasty + Ptosis(August 2012)

I had it done immediately after my last paper lol. I was kinda excited because I knew for sure I wanted higher and deeper crease, with epicanthoplasty. For those of you who don’t know, epicanthoplasty is the cutting of inner corners of both eyes, to bring the eyes closer to the nose. The above description of epicanthoplasty is given purely based on my own knowledge. For scientific / medical description, please google.

Experience: Pleasant as hell. I felt no pain at all. When I closed my eyes during the surgery, everything was moving in 3D in my mind.

Healing: Healing took pretty long. It still looked swollen even after a month. The change was so obvious that people knew I did something to my eyes.

Taken in September 2012. After 2nd surgery, without makeup.

Taken in September 2012. After 2nd surgery, with makeup.

Taken in October/November 2012. After 2nd surgery, with makeup.

I was pretty satisfied with the second surgery okay! It was life changing lol. Applying makeup has never been easier.

Until… last year. When I started noticing how droopy my left eye was.




People didn’t really notice how asymmetrical my eyes are until I pointed it out to them. I even had to use double eyelid tape to support the droopy eyelid. And to my knowledge, asymmetrical eyes are really normal. Nobody’s eyes are the same. I observed those who underwent for blepharoplasty, their eyes are also somewhat asymmetrical.

I don’t really mind having asymmetrical eyes but if I had to resort to using double eyelid tapes, something must be really off. And since I quitted my last job and have some spare time on hand, why not get it fix? I will blog about my 3rd surgery plus my recovery soon! Hopefully get more pictures with makeup on!


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