Bali 2016

6pm’s nap is never a good idea. 5 hours of sleep left before my solo trip to Phuket, yet my brain refuses to rest. Wish it could be this wakeful when it comes to studying.

I know how I have mentioned in my previous post about how my life is getting better (all rainbow and sparkles), I even closed down my blog for a while, because things have started going downhill from there.

Even the trip to Bali had me very emotional, all I could think of was Nat and Crystal and the good times we had together. But it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy the trip, I miss the nasi goreng.

Getting around Bali is easy. There are cabs everywhere, not difficult to hail one. And it’s really cheap. A 20 minutes ride journey costs only about SGD $3. But be very careful when you are travelling alone. I got cheated once for a ride which only costs merely SGD $1.30 but the driver insisted I pay him SGD $13.00. I know Bali quite well, because N is from Bali. Tried to rationalise with him but he was hella obnoxious and even turned the meter off.

We stayed in Villa Anggrek which is situated in Seminyak. Clean rooms and swimming pool though a little too deep. It costed about SGD $781 for 2 nights for 3 pax. The housekeepers make the best breakfast!


Seminyak will be the place to explore in Bali if you are into nightlife and cafes. Cafes are not cheap or super amazing in my honest opinion, pretty much the kind of cafe food which you can find in Singapore. Guess it’s the interior design or theme which attract tourists.

Best cafes in Seminyak – Sisterfields
Best beach club / bar in Seminyak – Potato Head
Best quirky-themed cafe in Seminyak – Motel Mexicola


Will be back in January exploring Canggu. I can already smell the nasi goreng lol.


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