Phuket 2016

“Where are you flying to?”
“Ohhh you going alone uh?”
“Yeah alone”
“Woah it takes a lot of courage to travel alone.”

My 5.30am conversation with the taxi driver. Wasn’t even excited at all, but to be fair, I’m not the sort of person who gets easily excited over things. The last time when my heart pounded faster than usual was the time I met Michael Clifford (Michael Clifford of course smh).

You may want to give Phuket a miss if you’re planning to travel alone. I will give you a legit reason why.


Let me break down my transportation expenses here:

Airport to Patong (Central of Phuket) by bus – THB 300 (SGD$12)
Patong city to Patong Beach – THB 300 (SGD$12)
Potong Beach back to Patong city – THB 200 (SGD$8)
Potong to airport (by taxi) – THB 800 (SGD$32)
2 hours on tuk tuk to explore the other parts of Phuket – THB 1200 (SGD$48)

Total expenses spent on transportation (4 days trip): 2800 THB (SGD$112)

For somebody who has no sense of direction at all (me), taxis are your best bet. And it was my first time in Phuket, and kudos to me for not doing any research prior the trip. I sort of had no other choice but to rely on taxis, unless I don’t mind spending my whole trip snuggling in my hotel bed.

Food are great. Alcohol are AMAZING, and cheap. A long island tea could easily cost SGD$22 in Seminyak, Bali but it only costs SGD$8 in Phuket!

Money changers are everywhere, you don’t have to worry when you run out of Thai baht (but start worrying when you run out on your native currency). Note to self, always bring more than enough especially if you are totally unfamiliar with the city.

For this 4 days (3 nights) trip, I stayed in Ashlee Heights. Honestly I have no complain for the price I paid. Total expenses spent on accommodation was only SGD$205 which breaks down to about SGD$68 per night.


I signed up for a tour to Phi Phi Island. It was nothing but disappointing, I seriously could have just stay in my hotel and get drunk on vodka.

The tour costed 2500 THB. The only reason why I signed up was because it was on discount HAHAHAHA. The original price was 3200 THB, and since I had nothing planned for the 3 days, I might as well. Biggest regret ever.

I think I felt trapped. Because it’s so far away from Phuket, there is no way to escape unless you are capable of riding your own speedboat and of course, navigate your way back. Most of time I was thinking when was that bloody trip gonna end. But I got to give it to the tour guide, super warm and helpful.

Oh and Maya Bay, simply mesmerising. The clear blue sea and shiny white sands, not so much of the sun though lol.

dsc00368dsc00370dsc00377dsc00382dsc00387dsc00402Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Okay, so what is next Bea?

p/s: My iPhone 6 took the leap of faith and landed itself into the bathtub. Screwed. Rushed to the telecom shop first thing after touched down. That is Beatrice’s life for you. 🙂


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