2017, What’s Good?

Towards the end of 2016, I was lost. Now it’s the beginning of 2017, nothing has changed and I am still the same – weaving in and out of the crowd, still trying to find my direction. Not saying I’m completely hating my life now, I think I’m pretty blessed. But why am I alive?

I must say 2016 was rough (and fun). But that part was over and now, I need a fairy godmother.

This fairy godmother must answer three questions:

  1. Why do people always let me down? Have I not been a good friend?
  2. So why am I alive?
  3. When will I be able to get a cat?

I look at the people around me. Are they lost? Are they happy? Why are they alive?

I don’t know why I’m babbling here at 11pm. Perhaps the news I have received earlier really shook me. I am feeling very disheartened.

So what am I? I need a cat.

– Bea x


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