So What Happened to Me

So… if you guys didn’t know, I just got back from Boracay. SOLO TRIP IN BORACAY. SO MUCH FUN. I came back with an aching body, cold and slight fever. What’s funny is I didn’t even do any water sports (because I can’t swim), how did the aching body even come about, I don’t know. I am now writing (or rather typing) this post while waiting for the doctor. 

(Fun fact: I fell sick exactly on the same date last year. Lol)

I considered myself blessed, to be able to travel 5 times for the last 6 months. Bali (twice), Phuket, Penang and Boracay. I am not showing off ‘how well travelled I am’ because the fact is I am not. Maybe I will leave it for the next post.

Anyway Boracay had me crying several times throughout the trip. A few times in my hotel room and reasons being – I was sick and the water supply was cut off. I just got back from my lunch (it’s gross not to bathe before you lie on your bed) and had the urge to just sleep my fever and cold away. No chance at all. The water supply was cut off. Several times during the trip I attempted to get the next-day air ticket to fly back to Singapore. I was pretty desperate. But direct flight from Kalibo or Caticlan to Singapore is hard to come by, shortest layover at Manila was 8 hours. 8 freaking hours. I just couldn’t.

Just a heads up if you are ever travelling to Boracay:
a) Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty – 1.5 hours to 2 hours
b) Caticlan Jetty to Boracay Jetty – 15 minutes
c) Boracay Jetty to your hotel – 30 minutes to 1 hour

Hell, it was a ride. But it was cheap! You will be greeted by transportation vendors (I can’t find the right word but you get what I mean), they will try to push you to buy their package etc. Private transportation (private 4 seaters car), it costs around PHP 1000 to 1500 (SGD 28 to 42), while transportation by van costs only PHP 250 (SGD 7). I chose the former and glad that I did because I know how uncomfortable  it can get to squeeze in the mini shuttle bus / van after my experience in Phuket.

Lol this post isn’t supposed to be a travel post.

The whole point is I was sooooo looking forward and happy to be back until I quarrelled with a Grab Driver and my mom. Yup, maybe Singapore isn’t for me either. Lol.

Back to work tomorrow and I’m doubting myself if my brain still functions the same after 9 days of doing nothing. 

I can’t tell you how fucked up my body is right now, there is always that sneeze which I am never able to sneeze out. And my body is perspiring so much but hands are so cold. 

I was crying (whining actually, fear not, I’m not a crybaby, so hit me up lolololol) to my sister about how I’m not gonna travel anytime soon. Philippines did really kill my travel bug. I was actually supposed to travel to Brisbane right after Boracay, but I need to reserve my leaves for Bangkok (sorry C and my $600 sob).

Next adventure will be Bangkok in June and maybe Cebu in August. Because they said Cebu is different from Boracay, and it’s like I’m having a bad romance with the Philippines HAHAHAHA. Nothing is planned for Cebu yet. We shall see. 

I actually like posting like this. As though my already scattered brain doesn’t seem scattered enough. 

Until then.

Bea X


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