More like fried-brain day. The day of the week when I usually run out of my non-existent patience. How can anyone do the same thing over and over for so long. How is it even possible to feel satisfied after so long. How do people keep themselves alive without passion. Fuck passion. What are you? I can hardly feel you anymore. 

This kid is running in the train as I type. Today, I do not have patience for that. And this couple is hugging in front of me as though the world is ending soon, completely oblivious of their surrounding. God damn your backpack guys. And today I have no patience to allow any backpack to be squashed against me in the train. 

Don’t worry. I’m completely sane. Just do not have patience for any nonsense. 

And as I speak, I’m questioning myself – what is it that I’m not good enough. Okay I do not want to start a 2500 word essay here now even though I don’t think anyone will ever have any issue with writing a legit essay on ‘Why Bea is never good enough’. Come on, I’m not playing the pity card because I never do. 



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