Should’ve never said the word “love”

Threw a toaster in the bathtub

I’m sick of all the games I have to play


Even the cat on my bag thinks I was stupid to leave my whole bag of makeup in my office. 

Good news came this morning set me screaming in my office. Wait, I did also run from one to another to break the news to Nat. 

Been a really great week so far. 4 more weekends to burn. I can fucking do this. 

That 3 Days in Bangkok

35 more days, and 40 more days to Kuala Lumpur trip. Yes, I finally booked the flight ticket and I’m not sure how I’m gonna break the news to my mom. Another solo trip yet again, and I’m pretty sure I will cry once or twice during this trip. HAHAHA I shed tears in every territory I go. Lol

Anyway I’m gonna talk about Bangkok. Landed in Bangkok at 12am (Bangkok time, so it was about 1am Singapore time). I was soooooooo damn tired and I am sure every passengers felt the same. As usual, I waited for the plane to be almost emptied before I lifted my butt to leave.

And the sight at the custom was horrible.

By the way I landed at Don Muang airport, not Suvarnabhumi. There, you see absolute no queue system or whatsoever, just people pushing each other, trying to get to the front. Anticipated that it was going to take me an hour or so to clear the custom, I went to pee first. And luckily I peed because it took me 3 hours to clear. And I almost broke into a fight with a group of idiotic people who tried to fucking cut my queue. DON’T YOU TRY.

Needless to say, I was knackered as fuck when I finally arrived at my hotel at (close to) 4am (5am Singapore time). But I got a complimentary upgrade! Met up with Far the next time, and we went to Ocean World and Dusit Zoo.

I was having the time of my life at Ocean World. And I think people also find me weird. Far told me “I was walking behind you so I could see the reaction from the people.” Great. “Weird Singaporean saying hello to all the fishes in Bangkok”, I could really be famous.

Anyway, off we went to Dusit Zoo. This zoo is sad. It looks like no one gives a fuck about these animals, about the habitat where they are living in. Muddy water, rusty cage, stained glass. Sad. Oh but I didn’t know giraffes are actually that huge.

I did nothing much the next day, strolling along Siam, chilling in a cafe alone (because Far’s flight was a day earlier than mine). Okay not a bad life.

That was about it. What an interesting trip huh and I say this after every trip – SO DAMN HAPPY TO BE BACK IN SINGAPORE.

Bali, when? 

I dreamt of Harry Styles. Woke up to Monday and a headache. Panadols don’t work anymore. Headaches always lead to slight fever and there is no exception for today. 

So someone said this to me “How is it possible that Beatrice Lim is sleeping alone?” Beats me, I wonder why too.

But as I started zoning out in the train, I began to think. Am I willing or will I ever be willing to give up my freedom? Errrrr. My head hurts. 

And fucking sorry to this couple because I’m really reluctant to shift my butt to give up my seat just to see you both getting touchy and lovely dovey. 

Signing off as the forever single and salty Bea. Bye fuckers. 


Have been crying for this day to come since Tuesday. It was so damn hectic with such tight deadlines this week that my heart meter went off several times in a day. I swear heart attack is really just a sooner or later thing. 

Out at the lawyer’s office for notarisation and saw this beauty while waiting for my Grab. In between us was a wired fence and people who walked past me thought I was insane to meow at this obnoxious cat for a good 5 minutes. 

This week is also the start of a new battle. OMG is there no public holiday in July 😦

An Uneventful Morning

1. Lost my train card. I have $30 worth of value in it and I could buy really use this money to buy at least 20 roti pratas. 

2. Wearing an inconvenient dress to work – fatal move. I was walking like a penguin until I started pulling my dress up above my knees. Fuck this dress.

3. Escalator to the train station broke down. Climbed up in this inconvenient dress. I REALLY WANT TO RIP IT APART NOW.