Yesterday I was donating money to the old lady who was selling tissues in the middle of the busy town. Refusing to take the tissues from her, she told me “Be good. Take one from me so aunty can go home.”

My heart breaks for her. And today I cannot stop tearing up just thinking about that few words she has told me.

Guess who’s the idiot who forgot to take her money after withdrawing her cash. Me. Thanks to the kind lady who ran after me to have it returned to me. ☺️

Yesterday I survived high fever (39 degree celsius) and today I’m extremely heartbroken. Heartbroken for a fact that I really do see who cares and who don’t. Heartbroken for a fact that my dad won’t stop calling that slut. 

Feeling better today and I’m moving on. 

“Okay we will help you to migrate to Taiwan” said my client from Taiwan. 


Even the cat on my bag thinks I was stupid to leave my whole bag of makeup in my office. 

Good news came this morning set me screaming in my office. Wait, I did also run from one to another to break the news to Nat. 

Been a really great week so far. 4 more weekends to burn. I can fucking do this.