Similarity: 4% 

Shows how much bullshit I have contributed. I’m hungry. Were literally drowning in reports that I didn’t realise I have not eaten. Now that I’m out of the woods (lol), I can eat anything and everything. 

Moving on, 14 days to temporary freedom. 

Can someone buy me a Nintendo DS? I promise I will love you forever. Shampain.

When it comes to marketing, The 20 years old Bea had no problem scoring ‘A’s for her assignments and test. She didn’t even have to bat an eyelid and because it came so naturally that she thought she might be, first time in her life, good at something. 

And if only she could see how the 25 years old Bea is dying without the slightest passion. Okay maybe I’m good at Econs because it was proven – I scored a credit. This is a vicious cycle of ‘maybe I am’ and banging walls. HALP. 

Listening to Lorde’s Perfect Places. Such a perfect song for Bali don’t you think. 

16 more days to temporary freedom! 

18 more days to temporary freedom. Need a weekend getaway in August and I’m thinking about KL. 

Just a few days ago, I declared that I will start saving at least 1.5K per month. Today I walked into Starbucks, and walked out with a green tea latte & an unnecessary pink cold cup in my hands. My friend who was waiting for me was shocked when she saw me with a bag. “I left you for only 5 minutes and you spent $41” she said. I have terrible spending habits, and I’m embracing my unforgivable flaw. If only life could embrace me back like I did. I need a cat.