The worst nightmare is to have these hyperactive children running in the train at 11.24pm. What is wrong with them? And what is wrong with me to be so angst over it. 

And look at me – old, broke and grumpy. Need a Bali retreat soon and probably a plastic surgeon for a few rounds of botox. 

Still old, broke and grumpy. 


Cebu 2017


Standing under the scorching hot sun for a good 5 minutes, wondering if the traffic light ever works. 

Clearance of immigration was a breeze! I was the first in line can you believe it? :O

Sun sets as early as 5.30pm here and sun rises at around 5.30am. Once I woke up at 5.30am and honestly thought it was 8am.

Anyway I have been back in Singapore for a week now and I’m missing Cebu more than ever. I think hotel makes a major difference to your trip. Either it makes it or breaks it. The hotel in Boracay total ‘broke’ my trip, am still ranking it the ‘worst trip’ on my list.

But the food in Cebu is nothing fantastic, I thought the food in Boracay was better (way better).

Terminal fee at the airport (for departure) is a pain the ass – PHP 750 which is equivalent to SGD 20. Ouch.

Grab is now in Cebu. I swear taking Grab is safer and cheaper (half the price of taking a cab). Local SIM card can be purchased outside the airport hence you will be able to access to Grab after touching down.

One thing I found that can be annoying (sorry to those drivers who might be reading) – the drivers are super talkative. People are complaining about how talkative the taxi drivers are in Singapore but have you met Philippines’ drivers yet? They asked questions like:

“How many MRT lines do Singapore have?”
“What are the car brands which the Singapore drivers drive?”
“How big is Singapore compared to Cebu?”
“What is Singapore’s population?”

Yada yada yada…


I missed Singapore, but can you not test me about Singapore? Once I literally counted the number of MRT lines we have and I felt so stupid.

Walking on the street alone can be a tad dangerous. Many times people actually catcalled, rolled down the window in their car and said some nasty stuffs. Oh well, that happened in Boracay as well.

Anyway I think Cebu would be my last overseas trip in 2017. This year has been awesome. Catch you guys soon. 🙂


September, where should I begin…

I should put it this way – it was as if I was having period for the whole of September. Absolutely the worst month ever. Amount of tears I shed was almost on par with the precipitation level in Singapore. I’m kidding. 

Off to Cebu to end this horrible month. X


Tonight I stopped feeling angry over you or what actually happened betweeen us. I thought about the things which you have done and the game you plotted, all perfectly planned out. There shouldn’t be a reason why I should be feeling upset because until today nobody can make me feel the way you did. You were the first and probably the last. 

Remember how we could not do anything and still feeling comfortable and happy with each other? And all the little things which will forever be closed to my heart.

“Find someone who will treat you like I did” I’m still trying. 

While in KL

I met a few kind souls in KL.

Yesterday I was stupidly waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Turned out it was spoilt and a guy politely told me it was good to go.

Today I was trying to find my way to Aquaria KLCC and was bloody lost at the park located behind Suria KLCC, and three young men very kindly walked me to my destination.

All was well except the service at Aquaria KLCC sucks. 🙂

Currently in Changi Airport waiting for my 3.25pm flight to Kuala Lumpur. It’s insane that I’m even bringing my laptop along for this short trip. Total weight for my checked-in luggage – 9kg. The fuck Beatrice?

Had a plate of fried rice which is kinda triggering sore throat. Cool. This fried rice costs me $18 and sore throat.

The agenda for this trip is to sleep (a lot). First week of freedom has been extremely nice. A lot of dinners and it burns my pocket. Honestly, how the fuck did I manage to overspend $400 this month?

1 more hour… What else can I write about… Hmm.